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Incomplete, subjective, biased. Just stuff I happen to be using.

Internet Services

Domain Registrars:
Gandi, a french registrar. Recommended by some of my friends, and I have had only good experiences with them so far.

Access Provider:
After EarthLink became unbearable (no outgoing SMTP etc.), I switched to SpeakEasy and haven't regretted it yet.
For Dialup in the SF Bay Area, check out MonkeyBrains.
In the Netherlands, XS4ALL is still the best, in my opinion.
I don't have a recommendation for Germany, when I was there I freeloaded on my respective employer's connectivity. And before that we had the phone-to-phone modem based Zerberus BBS network (now Z-Net). Try to avoid T-Online.

Web Hoster:
I host my services on my own machines, but this hoster looks pretty decent: Nearly Free Speech

Product Aquisition (Shopping)

DVD drives and blanks: ES-Buy.
DVD Video: DVD Planet.
A Site that helps you keep track of TV Show episodes: TV Tome.
About DVD releases of TV Shows: TVShowsOnDVD.
Find out about movies: Internet Movie Data Base.
Books (and everything else): Amazon.
Best music: Betal Lounge.