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Interactive Television

Interactive Television The game of Hotel Pompino was developed as a consequence of a live television project by Van Gogh TV, aiming at communicating even more directly with the spectator. Participation is possible by personal appearance in the program using telephone, video-telephone and chat box.

The Concept

The goals of every game are winning, losing and entertaining. In addition to this the participants of Hotel Pompino experience every day situations in imaginary game- and picture worlds, underlining the subjective aspect of the game. Van Gogh TV enables the spectator to go beyond choosing his favorite TV-show. Van Gogh TV is offering playsituations where the spectator can express himself individually using images and sounds.

The Game

Per day numerous candidats will play against each other. During the game the candidate has to follow the subjective rules of the game and the jury while trying to score as many points as possible. The candidate who scored the most points is the winner. The first price is free broadcast time on the next day, the winner can arrange on his own, using the technical facilities of the studio. The loser is swallowed by a computer animated refuse chute and is going to be excluded from the game.

The Architecture

In the blue-box the candidate has to move within digital worlds. On the stage the candidate has to cope with direct and personal tasks adapted to the given subjects and surroundings. The detailed and active tasks presented on the table had to be solved within a micro- and microsphere. The network (telephone, video-telephone, mailbox, news-ticker) has been linking Hotel Pompino to the outside world. There are 44 rooms at Hotel Pompino waiting for guests and players.

The Hotel Staff

The hotel staff consists of the moderator and the jury functioning as hotelmanagement and reception. After every sequenz the jury is judging and counting the points. After that the video-phone jury is voting as well as the public. The technicians are video-installers and hotel detectives.


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