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The Server relating to SWF3 Nachtfieber is reflecting the TV-show. The users have been able to get all the latest informations, to use the Chat-Server or walk through the virtual appartment. For all fans and the future fans we are going to reconstruct the Server step by step. Please excuse that it will not be possible to reconstruct the complete variety of functions.
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Pontons SWF 3 Nachfieber press release:

SWF3 Nachtfieber
SWF3 Nachtfieber has been the motto for "three parties" which took place back in November 1995. The parties have been hosted by the Südwestfunk and the Ponton European Media Art Lab. SWF3 Nachtfieber has been live, interactive and took place simultaneously on the radio, on TV and in the Internet. It has been totally different compared to all the TV live-events in the past. For three evenings we have been showing how interactive TV could look like: exciting, real and crazy. Because it has been the audience who decided what happened and nobody else.

Participation has been possible for everybody
.. either at the location itsself, the studio no. 2 at the Südwestfunk, or at home. People could talk to the party guests over the phone, send comments by fax and decided by TED about the admission of stars to the show. Due to the Internet the SWF 3 Nachtfieber became even more interactive: it has been possible to surf through the appartment via the WWW. For professionals: with VRML-knowledge even in 3d.
Furthermore it has been possible to chat with the guests, to leaf through the fax-album and to send pictures or graphics by AVIS which have been exhibited in the entrance hall. The possibilities of participation have nearly been unlimited. And everybody has been choosing the possibility he liked best.

The Location
In the first place SWF 3 Nachtfieber has been a normal party, taking place at an avarage appartment. The entrance hall has been the entrance and the place where people met or became friends by chance. The guests could talk to the callers via an intercom system and could have a look at the faxes arriving. In addition to this a selection of the most beautiful pictures has been shown here. The editorial department received those pictures via the Internet over the whole week. In the living room there has been a lot of music to dance to -live or recorded. The bar has been the place to meet, to flirt and to get toknow people. And of course, the kitchen has been the "secret" center fordiscussions. The bathroom has been a more intimate place where e.g.relationships have been discussed. In the bedroom ...

Interactive participation
The real and the virtual guests have always been in the center of the event. Either live or via audiobox, chat or the Internet. Regardless the offer they accepted, the location remained the same. It has been individuality that has been asked for in the age of data-highways. At "SWF3 Nachtfieber" everybody decided himself what to watch and when.

The show
The sound has been transmitted on the radio (including the well known features like news and traffic announcements). The whole event has furthermore been broadcasted on TV including the sound and live pictures. While the Internet has been focusing on information and communication with the guests at the location, total contact. The editorial staff of SWF3 Nachtfieber has been preparing the show, selected the themes and invited the stars guests. The guests and the audience have been choosing from the offers made and decided what finally has been broadcasted.

Conception and Realiztation
The Ponton European Media Art Lab has been in charge of the conception, the design and the programming of SWF3 Nachtfieber. The Südwestfunk has been responsible for the production, the editing and the realization.

Broadcasting time 1995
TV - SWF3:
10./11. November: 0:00 to 4:00
24./25. November: 0:15 to 4:00 (ARD 2:50-4:00)
01./02. December: 0:15 to 4:00 (ARD 2:40-4:00)
Radio - SWF3:
10./11. November: 0:00 to 4:00
24./25. November: 0:15 to 4:00
01./02. December: 0:15 to 4:00


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