(European Parliaments Research Initiative)

EPRI-Watch - new forms of communication and information accessibility for Members of the European Parliament.

Members of the European Parliament usually maintain numerous offices: e.g. in Brussels, Luxembourg, the one in their constituency and their home office. This requires a high level of logistics and organisation. Necessary information is frequently lacking because it is not readily available independent of time and place. This leads to needless delays in the day-to-day work process. Here, state of the art communications technology can provide valuable assistance in saving time and money.

EPRI-Watch provides support for Members of Parliament working with these information and communication technologies. Their portable workplace incorporates archiving networks, WWW and e-mail access. This enables MPs to connect to their personal work environment 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Multi-Point-Videoconferencing, picturephones, screen- and document-sharing facilitate the means for groups and individuals to communicate around the globe.

EPRI-Watch will become tomorrow's communications infrastructure. The overall aim is to supply Members of Parliament with extensive access to electronic information services. This means applications which effectively make use of state-of-the-art technology and create an individual work environment. EPRI-Watch fosters individual and creative use of these technologies and promotes their application for the public good.

EPRI-Watch is made possible within the framework of the European Union's ACTS program. ACTS (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services) is funded by the EU and supports the development of communications technology and application.

Ponton European Media Art Lab develops and creates the communications interfaces for EPRI-Watch.

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