Local Loop: the project
Computer- and TV-based communication and services that`s what the interactive TV of the future will look like and the internet is where computer and TV are brought together. New types of communication, service and work will soon be a part of the daily life.

The internet and the world wide web are already well known to everybody and online-communication has nearly become something common within a short period of time. But the increasing network-communication is accompanied by a lot of problems effecting the user. On one hand there`s not enough capacity to deal with the enormous flow of information and on the other hand internet-based communication is impossible for groups of people. Even in the world wide web communication is only possible between a transmitter and a receiver. Regarding this facts one has to point out that the development of online-communication is stagnating since the1930s when the idea of TV has been born.

New interfaces to face new challenges
The simple distribution of information doesn`t meet the need of information nowadays. In the future even more people will communicate via the network. The network will become a kind of lebensraum (living space). But "communication-culture" can only develope if all types of communication known so far are brought together to create something new that`s even more inspiring. In brief: leisure-time activities, working spaces and spaces of experience within the network require new interfaces. Local Loop is a prototype for the new world of communication.

What does Local Loop
Local Loop is a multimedia communication space, representing a visualized network. Local Loop is a prototype for networked multi-user-communication spaces of the future. The user can walk through a 3D- space. The space, the various possibilities of communication as well as the users are being reproduced. Every user has a home representing himself, he can use to travel around the virtuale space. Local Loop is providing the communication space as well as the various possibilities to communicate but the communication itself is taking place between the users.

Further informations
- coming soon: How is the world looking?
- coming soon: the audiobox


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