Shader&PlugIns for Softimage

Ponton European Media Art Lab developes concepts for visualization, graphical user-interfaces and new interfaces for the communication needs of the future. Because conventional software is not meeting all the demands of the 3D-worlds of Comenius, Service Area a.i. or Local_Loop Ponton is also developing prototypes and extensions for already existing software. Since the beginning of this year also for the High-End animation program Softimage 3D.

For further informations about availability and prices of the mentioned Shaders and Plug-Ins please refer directly.

1. Makewire
Makewire is a modelling effect, which transforms objects into wireframe models. In order to do this, a cylinder will be produced for every edge of the object. The radius and the length of the cylinder can be set in proportion to the original edges. This effect can be used on NURBS-Patches, polygones and curves. The material of the source object will be used for the wireframe model.

2. Vampire
Vampire is a Material-Shader which makes objects invisible for reflections. The object can be invisible or partly transparent for reflections. Options: The object is completely invisible or faded RGBA: Adjusting transparency

3. Cylindrical Lens
Cylindrical Lens is a Lens-Shader, for rendering pictures to generate QuicktimeVR-Panoramas.

4. Realight
Realight is a Light-Shader for spotlights. It offers a variety of functions, to produce realistic as well as unrealistic lighting effects. It is possible to produce different kinds of light. This includes normal light, Antilight, which is giving the impression of a black hole, Shadowlight, which only illuminats the objects in the shadow of a source of light and Transparencylight, which makes objects transparent when it is hit by the lightsource.

Furthermore different parameters are available to manipulate the Falloff of the spotlight, so that the Falloffs for the different colours can be edited separately.

In addition to this the light can be limited to a Bounding Volume, this means that it only becomes apparent in the limited area. As Boundig Volumes the following objects are available: cube, sphere, cone and cylinder. With the help of a transformation matrix the Bounding Volume can be placed in space freely.

5. Ghostshadow:
Ghostshadow is a Shadow-Shader which can be used to eliminate or reduce the shadow casted by an object.

Options: Dim: The elimination or the reduction of the shadow RGBA: The intensity of the shadow

The picture demonstrates the Shader Ghostshadow und Voronoi

6. Voronoi:
Voronoi is a Texture3D-Shader, which produces random Voronoidiagrams. This texture can be used to generate mosaics or stone structures. This effect has a variety of options at its disposal to manipulate the texture.

7. Wireframe:
Wireframe is a Texture3D-Shader faciliating the rendering of objects as wireframe models. The thickness of the lines is adjustable and material and textures can be used.


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