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Kulturserver - Free Homepages for Art & Culture

On the 12th of February 1998 the top-site for art & culture in Lower Saxony will go online - Kulturserver

From now on artists and recipients get in touch even more directly, art can be published instantly and the World Wide Web gets more exciting. Kulturserver, a part of the Multimedia Initiative of Lower Saxony, shows how public information systems will look like in the future. www.kultur.niedersachsen.de is the address of this online-magazine providing daily updated information about exhibitions and events of the cultural scene in Lower Saxony. As artists know the "where and when" best by themselve, there can enter event information in the schedule by using a simple editing software. All information will be published online without censoreship. Technical know how or specific Internet-knowledge is not necessary any more.

Kulturserver is stimulating the culture live in Lower Saxony by giving artists a common communication area and the possibility to publish their work to a wider audience. Publishing and using is free of charge, open 24 hours a day and accessible from everywhere.

If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter please send your current address to info@ponton.de.

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