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Ponton European Media Art Lab is a private research institute. Artists, scientists and technicians are working together on socio-cultural projects for tomorrows interactive world ranging from interactive TV to 3D user interfaces for networks. The focus of our interest is on telematic culture and the resulting new forms of people to people communication.

Ponton's projects are often a work in progress. Prototypes are realised and developed in a process of simultaneous use. The resulting experiences allow to understand individual representations in the information society.

For us technology is not a means by itself. It is only a transport medium for communication in electronic public space. The center of our research is people.

Large scale media experiments like Piazza virtuale on documenta 9 as 100 days of interactive TV across Europe and Piazza virtuale in Japan proved our approach to be right and are now widely being recognised. In 1993 Ponton received the Deutsche Medienkunstpreis of Zentrums für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) and the Siemens Kulturprogramms for our work in the field of interactive media.

Ponton Research Lab in Hannover, Germany

With support of the Ministry of Sciene and Culture (MWK) in Lower Sachsony Ponton started an institute for interactive media in Podbipark, the former Bahlsen factory. A mixed team developes new concepts and prototypes of formats for interactive media. User interface design, development of applications and networks, digital TV, hard- and software development as well as real TV transmissions are the range of our work.


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