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COMENIUS is an educational research project using new media. From August 1995 on five schools in Berlin will be linked with a highspeed ATM network to prepare students for tomorrows information society.
Students will achieve abilities to use new media in a critical and yet creative way. To do so they need new concepts like cooperations beyond classes and schools as well as a working environment that incorporates tomorrows demands in todays reality.

The COMENIUS infoserver is being provided by DeTeBerkom in Berlin.

COMENIUS: 3D-user interface / COMENIUS images / Project partners

User interface

In an educationally supervised form COMENIUS introduces students to the use of new media. Therefore it was necessary to develope a user interface that can be understood intuitively, leave creative possiblilities and visualises the multimedia communication in a teaching and learning environment. The design of the COMENIUS user interface as a learning environment in networks provides for tools to allow students, teachers and parents to develope an awareness towards an electronic world. COMENIUS allows for communication, exchange and learning in a visually stimulating and ergonomically designed user interface.

Ponton's task in the joint project was to develope the user interface, and develope and program the software . Under FWU's pedagogical-didactic supervision Ponton created the concept how to use the COMENIUS communication space.

Ponton European Media Art Lab is located in Podbipark in Hannover, Germany. It is a private research institute. Artists, scientists and technicians are working together on socio-cultural projects for tomorrows interactive world. The lab is being supported by Ministry of Science and Culture in Lower Sachsony. Since 1986 Ponton is working in the field of new media ranging from interactive TV to networked 3D user interfaces. Our main focus is on people to people communication.

Ponton's innovative approach in the field of interactive TV and communication technology is being widely recognised. The lab is internationally well known by large scale media experiments like "Piazza virtuale" on documenta 9.

Within the framework of COMENIUS the Ponton European Media Art Lab is a project partner together with DeTeBerkom, the FWU and the Condat DV-Beratung.

COMENIUS: 3D-user interface / COMENIUS images / Project partners



shows how the user sees the 3D world after logon: five connected schools, center is the dataserver of the Landesbildstelle. Left is the communication-, right the project- and front the community-house.


View on the COMENIUS world from above.


houses the medai server and the internet access. Users have access to all multimedia data.

Media catalog

the multimeda catalog is the tool to access all data (images, sound, text, video) at the Landesbildstelle.

Internet access

shows the access point to the global internet. Physically it is located in the Landesbildstelle and open to all COMENIUS users.

Public mailbox

users can send their private mail within COMENIUS.

Media server

access to the multimedia library of the Landesbildstelle. Texts, sounds, images, and video documents are found here for individual work.


one of the five schools, in the background is a mailbox.

User list

every user can find other users and information about them in the user catalog. He can identify by which media other users are accessible. A conference can be immediatly established.

COMENIUS: 3D-user interface / COMENIUS images / Project partners

Telelearning und -education

COMENIUS as an educational research project shows how multimedia communication and technology can improve teaching. COMENIUS is a project within the framework of DeTeBerkom's R&D programm. The other partners are:

DeTeBerkom GmbH

Consortium leader and provision of the ATM network.

FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht non-for-profit GmbH

Pedagogic and didactic leader, provision of the digital learning material

Condat DV-Beratung

Hardware provision and installation


Ponton European Media Art Lab

3D user interface, software development and programming.

COMENIUS: 3D-user interface / COMENIUS images / Project partners


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